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The Telegram protocol and clients have a feature to shown to the sender
when the receiver has read the message, Telegram Support calls this
"read" status for messages and says it is an essential feature of

I call it a violation of the receivers privacy.

I have an Ubuntu based mobile which has a Telegram app. We have had a
long chat which can be seen here in issue tracker:

and both, Telegran Task Force and Canonical, are rejecting to make the
read status report at least a configure value and any receiver can decide
by its own to enable this or not.

Related to this is as well the RFC 3798, which says:

6.2. Privacy

   Another dimension of security is privacy.  There may be cases in
   which a message recipient does not wish the disposition of messages
   addressed to him to be known, or is concerned that the sending of
   MDNs may reveal other sensitive information (e.g., when the message
   was read).  In this situation, it is acceptable for the MUA to issue
   "denied" MDNs or to silently ignore requests for MDNs. ...

For the above mentioned reasons, I have de-installed the Telegram app on my
mobile phone.

Why I bring this up here?

It would be nice, if we (FreeBSD) could add (as a patch in the ports
tree) a configuration value to the telegram-cli which does not
send such notifications when the configuration says so.

What do you (all and Maintainer) think about?


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