poudriere-3.1.4 options not working as expected

Don Lewis truckman at FreeBSD.org
Tue Apr 28 23:40:23 UTC 2015

On 29 Apr, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Bryan Drewery wrote on 04/29/2015 00:10:
> [...]

>>> I expected poudriere to combine options from both directories together.
>> No, it won't do that. Each options dir is a specific set. It will never
>> build _a set_ using _multiple sets_ configs and options. It will only
>> use files from _that 1 set_.
>> There is no sane way for Poudriere to do what you want. The 2 options
>> dirs could easily conflict with each other. I recommend against trying
>> to make this work and just making a new set.
> OK
>>> Is it possible to use some kind of union mount / unionfs to overlay all
>>> found directories according to CUSTOMISATION order?
>>> And in the meantime - is it possible to use multiple -f for "poudriere
>>> options" command?
>> Yes, but again only 1 set will be used. So you have to make a '-z
>> combined_set' and run options against that set.
> OK, I will make a first set as before, copy all options subdirectories 
> to the second set directory and then run "poudrier options" for this new 
> bigger set containing merged ports lists so I will change only options 
> for additional new ports.

FWIW, when I converted to doing live upgrades with portupgrade to
building my own package repository with poudriere, I converted all the
per-port option files to a poudriere make.conf file.  The conversion was
a PITA, but afterwards it's been a lot more pleasant.  It's especially
nice for options that I want to set consistently for a number of ports
because it can be done globally in make.conf.  One downside is that you
won't find out about new options, but if you can mostly live with the
defaults, you avoid a lot of interactive monkey-motion every time you

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