How to set unsupported port build options in make.conf with poudriere?

Mark Costlow cheeks at
Wed Apr 22 18:10:05 UTC 2015

I'm using poudriere on FreeBSD 10.1.  I need to set --enable-drac when
building mail/milter-greylist.  There is no corresponding option in
the milter-greylist port.  In the past, I used portconf to achieve this:

mail/milter-greylist: CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-drac

In the new post-portconf world, I tried this in 


(My poudriere jail is named "build")

The build completes, but the installed milter-greylist does not
have DRAC support:

# strings -a /usr/local/libexec/milter-greylist | grep DRAC
Message whitelisted by DRAC access database
DRAC support not compiled in, ignore line %d

I've confirmed in the build log that poudriere is finding
/usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/build-make.conf and using it
for the milter-greylist build.  So I must have the syntax
wrong for _SET.  Is it a problem that the port name has
a hyphen?  I found this thread which claimed hyphens are a problem
but no resolution.


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