pkg upgrade suddenly wants perl5.18 ? where does it come from ?

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Thu Apr 16 08:31:18 UTC 2015


> I'm trying to do a general upgrade:
> # pkg upgrade                 
> Updating opsec repository catalogue...
> Normally, I use perl5.20, so why does it try to downtrade ? How
> do I find out the pkg that triggers the downgrade ?

Well, I made one test with a perl5.18 in that poudriere jail, but I was
not aware that all the depends were rebuild during that test. It takes
approx. 8 hours, I think I would have noticed that.


  pkg rquery '%n-%v %rn-%rv' | grep perl5-5.18

shows me the ports that depend on perl5-5.18.

Fix: Delete those from the repo and rebuild those ports
(only approx. 1200...), @work.

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