MooseFS Ports for versions 2.0 and 3.0

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> 3. It's nice for ports for share parts of their configuration, but I don't think it should be called "" (this implies it is part of the port build scripts). A good example of what you could do is devel/libtool. It has a Makefile which includes Makefile.common. The devel/libltdl port also includes "${.CURDIR}/../libtool/Makefile.common".

The name was used by original port creator. I've change it to Makefile.common. 

> 4. @dirrm is now deprecated in pkg-plist. Suggest it is probably easier to build this with "make install && make makeplist > pkg-plist". Note that you should check the plist looks correct, and also delete the top warning line from the generated file.

Yes. I've changed @dirrm[try] to @dir or removed them. I've also added '@owner mfs' and '@group mfs' and compared each list with the result of "make makeplist".

> 5. The pkg-descr file should be updated to include a better description of the package, and link to the website.

Yes. I've made much better descriptions.

> 6. Before submitting a port, check that it passes the normal checks by installing the ports-mgmt/portlint program, and running "portlint -AC" in the port directory.

portlint -AC gives something like this:

[root at fbsdmule /usr/ports/sysutils/moosefs-master]# portlint -AC
WARN: Makefile: PORTVERSION/DISTVERSION is set externally to this port's Makefile, but this port is not configured as a slave port.
WARN: Makefile: MAINTAINER is set externally to this port's Makefile, but this port is not configured as a slave port.
0 fatal errors and 2 warnings found.

I hope that I can leave it - I've checked other random ports and such warning are very usual.

> 7. If you have access to a poudriere installation, you should submit the "poudriere testport" logs showing that this port will build successfully.

Yes we have. We use poudriere to make packages, so all our ports are always checked by poudriere.

> Myself or other ports contributors/committers can help with this if you do not have access to a poudriere installation, but please make sure you have at least tested the build on FreeBSD with a "make install".
> Much of this is covered in the porter's handbook. It's a good read if you haven't already seen it. You can find it here:
> Note that if you re-submit patches to each bug report, be sure to tick the option that it obsolete's the previous patch.

Ok. We'll send those ports again.

> Good luck! :)

Thanks again for your comments. It was very helpful.

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