MooseFS Ports for versions 2.0 and 3.0

Piotr Robert Konopelko piotr.konopelko at
Mon Apr 13 11:06:03 UTC 2015

Thank you very much for this information.

I posted requests to the FreeBSD bugzilla:[1] 

Best regards,
Piotr Robert Konopelko
*MooseFS Technical Support Engineer* |[2]

Those ports currently have their maintainer fields set to "ports at[3]", meaning 
there is no maintainer.

When you submit the bug report and attach your patch to update the port, simply ensure 
the maintainer email address is updated to your own. You will then be volunteering as 
the maintainer for those ports.


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El 09/04/2015 15:00, "Piotr Robert Konopelko" 
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Ports site only ports for MooseFS 1.6.27-5 are available:>[1][6][7][2][2]>>> --------> [1][8][2]
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