Bacula without IPv6

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sun Apr 12 15:38:36 UTC 2015


Running Bacula on a system where IPv6 was disabled in the kernel yields 
lot of errors:

> # bconsole
> Connecting to Director localhost:9101
> bconsole: bsock.c:227-0 Socket open error. proto=28 port=9101. ERR=Protocol not supported
> ...
> *autodisplay on
> *status client
 > ...
> 12-Apr 17:34 martin-xxx JobId 0: Error: bsock.c:225 Socket open error. proto=28 port=9102. ERR=Protocol not supported

While these are harmless, any succesful job will report:

>   Termination:            Backup OK -- with warnings

This can lead to overlooking more serious problems.

Solving it all is as easy as adding "--disable-ipv6" to CONFIGURE_ARGS.

I'm reporting this hoping it will help others, but I also ask: can we 
have an option to disable IPv6, like many other ports have?

  bye & Thanks

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