openssl and bash libcrypto

Matt Smith fbsd at
Fri Apr 10 08:10:00 UTC 2015

On Apr 10 17:07, Dewayne Geraghty wrote:
>part of the base system.  If your system is crashing due to /usr/bin/vi
>which is part of the base system, then something is very wrong with the
>system.  I'm guessing but is it possible that you've installed 32 libs
>onto a 64 base system, or the other way around?
>I can't see how vi needs anything under /usr/local, as its from the
>"base" system - so I guess others may need to step up to assist.

See the comments in the PR at

It appears that on certain hardware compiling openssl 1.0.2 with the ASM 
optimisations turned on, which is the default, can cause all sorts of 
strange issues. I had the same issues with vi, bash, and all sorts of 
things both in the base system and the ports system. I have no idea why 
or how. But disabling ASM and recompiling it works around the issue.

It seems to completely corrupt the environment.


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