arcconf dumps core

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Tue Apr 7 07:56:55 UTC 2015


The box is a 9.3/amd64 and this is the controller I have:
> aac0 at pci0:4:14:0:       class=0x010400 card=0x02bc9005 chip=0x02859005 rev=0x00 hdr=0x00
>     vendor     = 'Adaptec'
>     device     = 'AAC-RAID'
>     class      = mass storage
>     subclass   = RAID

Since I've upgraded arcconf to the latest version (1.7.21229,1) it won't 
work anymore, dumping core.

Actually "arcconf" works and displays the help message with all the 
available commands, but anything which really interacts with the 
controller (e.g. "arcconf GETCONFIG 1") will dump core.

I've seen Bug 194265, which was closed with the upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7; 
in my case the latest SVN version that works is 355559.
Of course I'm downgrading now, but I thought you should know.

  bye & Thanks

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