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Sun Apr 5 06:56:12 UTC 2015

於 六,2015-04-04 於 22:19 -0700,Randall R. King 提到:
> Hi,
> A quick note to let you know that I had difficulty restoring data from a
> backup (whatever version was running under FreeBSD 9.2). After a careful
> look at the debug messages, it looked like the tar commands used in the
> restoration used the option --strip-components=3 (or 2), and the tar
> command barfed on that option (the '=' sign should be a space). Hiding
> tar and linking tar to gtar fixed the problem. Perhaps the script(s) for
> restoration should either lose the equal sign on the --strip-components
> option or use gtar instead of tar?

Thanks for finding the cause of the bug. Does the following patch work for you?
If yes then I will file an upstream bug report with this patch attached.

diff --git a/modules/backup-restore/evolution-backup-tool.c b/modules/backup
index 9604513..3eef5f9 100644
--- a/modules/backup-restore/evolution-backup-tool.c
+++ b/modules/backup-restore/evolution-backup-tool.c
@@ -538,13 +538,13 @@ restore (const gchar *filename,
                g_mkdir_with_parents (e_get_user_config_dir (), 0700);
                command = g_strdup_printf (
-                       "cd $DATADIR && tar xzf %s %s --strip-components=%d",
+                       "cd $DATADIR && tar --strip-components %d -xzf %s %s",
                        quotedfname, data_dir, get_dir_level (data_dir));
                run_cmd (command);
                g_free (command);
                command = g_strdup_printf (
-                       "cd $CONFIGDIR && tar xzf %s %s --strip-components=%d",
+                       "cd $CONFIGDIR && tar --strip-components %d -xzf %s
                        quotedfname, config_dir, get_dir_level (config_dir));
                run_cmd (command);
                g_free (command);

> Sincerely,
> Randall R. King
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