Synchronising ports with package cluster

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Fri Apr 3 18:48:36 UTC 2015

+--On 2 avril 2015 10:13:34 -0700 Mel Pilgrim
<list_freebsd at> wrote:
| On 2015-04-01 13:42, Mike Clarke wrote:
|> Where can I now obtain the revision number for the ports tree used for
|> the latest package build?
|> Although the above method has worked in the past it's a bit of a bodge.
|> The ideal way would be if this information could be accessed directly
|> from the relevant package repository. Would it be possible to provide
|> such a facility?
| This is has been asked for many times in many forms--from SVN branching
| to simply an extra bit of metadata provided by pkg itself.  The usual
| answer is, "we'll put this in a future version," but it remains not
| implemented.

Do feel free to provide a patch, adding this to, say, the repo metadata.

Mathieu Arnold

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