github tags containing "/"

Don Lewis truckman at
Wed Apr 1 06:54:55 UTC 2015

I'm working on a couple of new ports where I'm using fetching the
distfiles from github.  One quirk is that the tags start with a prefix

If I follow the example for in the Porters Handbook using
DISTVERSIONPREFIX=tags/v then the distfile gets named
which seems somewhat undesirable.  This seems to be a bit misleading
and risky because this port is just a python wrapper around another
library that also has the same PORTNAME.  That port hasn't been
converted to fetch from github, and when it does it seems like there
would be a chance of collisions.

I seem to get better results by setting GH_TAGNAME=tags/v${PORTVERSION}.
In that case, the distfile gets named
This seems to be excessively verbose, but safer.


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