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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue Oct 28 14:00:46 UTC 2014

Hi hrs at & ports at

I went to install print/acroread9 for current & found it was not in ports/.
  print/acroread9||2014-08-30|Deprecated: many security issues are
  reported and Adobe no longer actively supports Adobe Reader for Unix

I am Forced to use Adobe Reader by British government tax office.

I know it's a can of worms, but I had that can of worms under control, eg:
  - As binaries without source stink & scream "Insecurity"
	- I ran it inside a chroot,
    	- I ran it as a spare user.
  - As it devoured CPU/RAM & froze screen, I ran it on a spare host.
  - As it freaked on AMD+NFS [remote host lock?] file access
    I ran it on a local, non NFS'd home/

Yes it is a can of worms ... but that can of worms is Needed !
  - It handles the XML inside PDF tax form calculations
  - It does the security key interchange stuff the tax office want
    (No idea, the tax office just says "Click Here & There"
    & tax office fail to document what protocols servers standards etc)

Removing acroread for security reasons was Really Bad !  It forces
me to use the stinkingly More Insecure Microsoft to run the same Adobe
Reader the tax office demand.

A lot of effort must have gone to build & maintain the port, & now
its ripped out of the tree, it forces me & perhaps others to
individually maintain private copies as long as we can, with wasted
future duplicate maintenance effort, & not available to easily share
- all very inefficient.

It should please be reinstated but with a WARNING= added to Makefile

If the old maintainer hrs@ doesn't want to maintain it, 
I will if no one else wants to (but I hope hrs@ will :-).

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix'78 C Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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