FreeBSD Port: courier-0.65.3_3

Christopher T. Stone chris at
Mon Oct 6 20:46:56 UTC 2014

> On Sun, 14 Sep 2014 01:16:03 -0400
> " Admin" <admin at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> It seems that the Courier-MTA current version is 0.73.2.
>> The latest FreeBSD port is based on version 0.65.3, which seems to be
>> more than 3 years old.  Are there any plans to update the port to the
>> latest version of the software?
>> Thanks,
>> Abid
> Yes, there are. Unfortunatelly, other tasks have currently more urgent
> attention here, and there are some issues to be solved - new
> dependencies are introduced and new port should be created first for
> library needed to build new courier... also old port was recently
> staged, which was necessary to keep it in tree at all. Also it looks
> like recently a bit more work needs to be put into patch to get new
> version committed into port tree, so it will take a bit of time before
> new version of mail/courier could be published in port tree.
> Before that, I will contact you as soon as I will have something to
> test. Your setup is most probably different from mine and thus 
> together
> we can cover more usage scenarios, which is good thing everytime.
> Regards,
> Milan

Milan & Abid,

I'm still working on checking functionality, but the liked diff builds 
(the new Unicode library was already in the ports tree). I only reviewed 
the old patches that were broken, anything that applied cleanly I left, 
those that were broken need a fair number of changes so I suspect the 
rest could use some review.

Link to diff:

Apply to the mail/courier directory with:
gunzip -c ../courier-0.73.2-20141006.diff.gz | patch

~Chris Stone

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