Tracking Binary Ports/Pkgs Tree

Simon Wright simon.wright at
Sun Nov 30 10:39:01 UTC 2014

Seconded. This has been an issue for me this weekend with the perl 
default changing to 5.18 and the gettext port split but the packages 
in the FreeBSD repo are still using the old default for perl and the 
old version for gettext whereas my local repo (with custom options) 
are using the new settings/ports.

My preference would be to keep my local ports tree for poudriere 
exactly in sync with the package build port tree and to have a 
date/time when the repo has also been fully rebuilt so that I can 
run updates that will not try to pull in outdated packages. Is this 
position possible?

My solution for this weekend has been to return to the old-faithful 
portupgrade and rebuild all affected ports from my current ports tree.



On 30/11/2014 05:58, Reed A. Cartwright wrote:
> I have been using poudriere for a while to build packages locally.  I
> recently reduced the package server to just the ports that I need to
> have custom options.  I want to rely on the freebsd pkgs as much as I
> can.
> However, this has proven difficult because my ports directory is often
> ahead of the one that corresponded to the latest set of binary
> packages.  I read where packages are build off of a snapshot of the
> ports tree on every wednesday.
> Is this snapshot saved anywhere?  If so, I would like to be able to
> sync my local ports directory against it.  If not, I would like to
> request such ability.

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