FreeBSD Port: krb5-1.13

R Skinner rocky at
Sat Nov 22 15:31:17 UTC 2014

An interesting point came up in one of my ventures - I was trying to set 
up a kerberos system with ldap for authentication/authorisation, 
therefore using ldap as the backend for the kerberos.

I ran make install clean from ports and set ldap options in the config, 
then tried to get it all running using some docs and tutorials I googled 
up. All of them mention a kerberos.schema file needed in openldap/schema/.

So I started hunting for it; couldn't find it. Looked online at various 
sites (including mit) and it is mentioned, but all information pointed 
to it being available under share/doc/ in some form. But to my chagrin, 
it was not to be found at all. Now I'm really got my challenge on, so I 
look deeper.

I checked the plist file and it is not mentioned, though one would think 
it would be if ldap is set in the config. I looked all through near 
every file, ran find commands; all no good. I then run make again and 
attempt to see if it is actually shipped with the tar ball. Finally, 
looking deep in the extracted and built directory (not staged, mind) I 
finally find my kerberos.schema, as well as a kerberos.ldif, in 

Now that I've narrated my little adventure, I'm left kinda curious as to 
why, if ldap is selected as an option in config, _and_ if this schema is 
so critical to the operation of ldap as a backend to kerberos (maybe 
even heimdal too), then why are these files simply discarded rather than 
installed, leaving someone like myself frustrated and mystified? :) I 
imagine many would simply give up or try and jerry rig something by this 
point, but for it to be right there...

Any chance for a fix on this? I think I may have even tried to do this 
several years ago as well and gave up because of this same issue 
(although I think I may have been looking at heimdal at the time, so 
same issue could still be there too); had to put it in the too hard 
basket at the time due to temporal deficiencies...


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