pkg update >> pkg install abort traps today Thursday and an off-topic

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Thu Nov 20 11:59:54 UTC 2014

pkg update
Downloaded new pkg database today.

pkg install  >>> abort trap
every two of three "pkg install ..."  (only one has proceeded.)

This browser won't permit paste-ins, I've posted it in the forum in two threads 
(Xorg and Ports sections)


Q 2    is this to be addressed to freebsd-ports at OR ports at
Q 3    similar for pkg at, is that instead or also freebsd-pkg at

Q 4    How is pkg-devel supposed to be installed to fix the OP topic if it cannot
          install once it has been deinstalled, no pkg remaining to qualify it for registering
          which I think happens before it installs

Q 5     Will we see a /var/db/pkg option in /pkg/ so that the above can be 'switched over'
          a few weeks of the year during such problematic times for reliability, when and if
          we have the time to code one up and beta test it.  

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