Getting rid of my ports

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Tue Nov 18 22:07:34 UTC 2014

I am retiring at the end of January.  I will no longer be able to maintain 
ports (nor will I have much interest in doing so), so I need volunteers to 
take them over.  They should all be up to date (although I haven't checked 

Here's the list:

# make search key="pauls at" | grep Port
Port:	byaccj-1.15
Port:	liblognorm-1.0.0_1
Port:	p5-Iodef-Pb-Simple-0.21
Port:	p5-Net-DNS-Match-0.05
Port:	p5-Parse-Range-0.96
Port:	p5-IP-Anonymous-0.04
Port:	p5-Net-Nessus-XMLRPC-0.30_1
Port:	argus-sasl-3.0.8
Port:	argus-clients-sasl-3.0.8
Port:	p5-Net-Abuse-Utils-Spamhaus-0.04
Port:	afterglow-1.6.2
Port:	barnyard2-1.13
Port:	barnyard2-sguil-1.13
Port:	chaosreader-0.94_1
Port:	p5-Snort-Rule-1.07
Port:	sancp-1.6.1_5
Port:	spybye-0.3_4
Port:	p5-Linux-Cpuinfo-1.8
Port:	p5-CIF-Client-0.21
Port:	p5-REST-Client-249
Port:	iwidgets-4.0.1_1
Port:	p5-Gtk2-Ex-Dialogs-0.11_5
Port:	p5-Gtk2-Ex-Utils-0.09_6
Port:	p5-Gtk2-GladeXML-1.007_3

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