resuming poudriere bulk

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Tue Nov 11 22:00:16 UTC 2014

On 11/11/2014 16:52, Russell L. Carter wrote:
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> On 11/11/14 10:06, Russell L. Carter wrote:
>> Hi, I am curious what is the best way to recover/restart an 
>> interrupted poudriere bulk build.  The man page is not helpful
>> here.
> So I had another opportunity to look into this, and I see
> I can start and stop a bulk building jail just fine, but
> I then seem to lose all the work up to the interrupt.
> Is there really no way to restart a bulk build from
> unchanged state when you're say already 2/3 through 900+
> ports?
> Thanks,
> Russell

As long as the machine does not crash, you can re-run bulk after
cancelling it or it dying, and it starts fresh builds of any packages
which were not complete from a previous run.  If libX11 succeeded, it
keeps it, but if firefox was half way done compiling, it has to start
firefox over.  bulk does not rebuild the repo listing until the end, but
you could do that manually if you want.

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