FreeBSD Port: ruby21-2.1.3_1,1

Carol Deihl carol at
Sat Nov 8 01:47:45 UTC 2014


I just installed ruby21-2.1.3_1,1 with the DEBUG option *unset*,
and when ruby21 is invoked, it prints out:

WARNING: number of probes fixed does not match the number of defined probes (9 != 50, respectively)
WARNING: some probes might not fire or your program might crash

I haven't used dtrace yet and don't know much about it,
but I discovered that if I re-installed the port with DEBUG turned on (*set*),
then the warning messages aren't printed.

I'm guessing that the probes.d file in the ruby source arranges to install some probes
at runtime in some routines that don't get compiled into ruby if DEBUG is off.

Is it appropriate to just tell you about this? Should I file a bug report
someplace else?

Thank you for your work on the ruby ports!


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