CFT: CentOS 6.6 base + userland

Johannes Meixner xmj at
Tue Nov 4 20:50:23 UTC 2014


I've spent the last few hours porting CentOS 6.6 to FreeBSD.

Given RHEL6 (and derived CentOS 6.x) policy of no-surprises, it was pretty easy
to bump those versions that actually did change.

I've tested it with poudriere locally, verified that Skype still works ;-),
and would be happy if you could all test away. 

Please check if your favorite games, things like crashplan, matlab, and other
Linux software still works, and notify me if it doesn't for any reason.

You can find a patch to ports revision 372146 here:

Best regards,


Johannes Meixner        | FreeBSD Committer
xmj at   	|
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