mail/mailman port installation failing

Matthias Andree mandree at
Fri May 30 05:53:15 UTC 2014

Am 29.05.2014 08:34, schrieb Lowell Gilbert:
> John Marshall <john.marshall at> writes:
>> After helpful off-list mail from mandree@ which pointed at this being a
>> local problem, I eventually found the following line in
>> /usr/local/etc/ports.conf.
>>   mail/mailman: CONFIGURE_ARGS=--with-var-prefix=/data/mailman
>> One of those tweaks one implements to accommodate a local customization,
>> and doesn't even remember it's there 6 or 7 years later.
>> It would appear that this kind of thing doesn't play nicely with the new
>> staging environment.  After removing that line from ports.conf and
>> rebuilding the port, it installed happily.  Obviously I then had to
>> reshuffle my data directories manually.
> Doesn't that mean that the plist was always wrong on that machine
> anyway? That could leave stale files around...

On that machine, yes.  On the other hand, I doubt it's reasonably
possible to cater for arbitrarily injected special configurations with
the PLIST - in such situations, the port itself would have to support
separate /var prefixes or data directories so it sets the option and
adjusts the plist accordingly.

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