Net-SNMP conflict

Pete Carah pete at
Thu May 29 23:23:25 UTC 2014

On 05/20/2014 09:58 AM, Bryan Drewery wrote:
> On 2014-05-20 04:18, Pete Carah wrote:
>> PLEASE don't automatically install pkg during the build of ANY other
>> package; if this happens in the middle of a portupgrade -a on a system
>> without pkgng, the result is not pretty; all packages built after
>> net-snmp have a duplicated origin, among other things.  I hope I can
>> recover the system since it is supposed to be a production server.
>> Yes, I realize I'll have to convert.  However, this forced install
>> doesn't convert the database so the pkg database and /var/db/pkg end up
>> inconsistent, and I can't tell what is really installed on all of the
>> packages that show a duplicated origin.
>> -- Pete
> (portupgrade maintainer and pkg developer here)
> Having pkg installed should be perfectly safe. Portupgrade, nor the
> ports framework, consider pkg installed as "converted". All packages
> will continue to be registered in the old format unless you run
> pkg2ng or 'pkg install' or add WITH_PKGNG=yes to your make.conf.
> Can you please elaborate on what the "duplicated origin" issue
> is?
The way net-snmp installed pkg also activated it without doing a pkg2ng;
since this happened
in the middle of a portupgrade part of the portupgrade kept its records
the old way and the rest
the new way without any of the old ports in the database.  This made a
lot of things build twice.
Not very nice...

> net-snmp also should (if I remember the code I reviewed right) be
> only considering the new package database if it has packages in it,
> meaning not until you pkg2ng or 'pkg install'.
No, the way I read the makefile lines in question it installed it if it
wasn't already
installed..  See:

# pkg-1.2 cannot handle this dependency well.
.if !defined(WITH_PKGNG)

This will install if it is there or not, but only if it is NOT in use. 
Probably not what was

-- Pete

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