second call: dns/libidn staging broken

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed May 28 20:51:49 UTC 2014

Kevin Oberman writes:

 > >       This port builds fine, or seems to.  However, when I try to
 > > install I get this:
 >  Looks like it might be an issue with your build environment. Looks
 >  like you have customized your build directories (/data/port-work). I
 >  suspect something might be wrong there. I have seen several reports
 >  of issues when symlinks are used in these types of customizations.

	It's not a sym-link, it's an evnironment variable:


	This was done because certain large ports (e.g. libreoffice) were 
eating up all the free space on /usr.  So I pointed the work directory 
to /data, which has 200+ gbytes free.	This works fine except is rare 
cases like this one.
	So ... how do I go about further diagnosing the breakage and getting 
that to {maintainer, pkg-ng team} who can Do the Right Thing?


			Robert Huff

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