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Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Wed May 28 11:07:58 UTC 2014

Raghu HB wrote:
> Thanks Michelle,
> I copied the files in /usr/ports/sysutils/mrmonitor and ran the below
> commands I encountered the same issue.

Ok for starters - you only copy the Makefile that you are making for the
port into there.
> root@:/usr/ports/sysutils/mrmonitor # make distinfo
> make: don't know how to make distinfo. Stop
This should not happen if you have a ports makefile there.. however it
is possible you have forgotten something (like making the last line:
.include <> )

> root@:/usr/ports/sysutils/mrmonitor # make makesum
> ===>  Found saved configuration for mrmonitor-1.1
> root@:/usr/ports/sysutils/mrmonitor # make package
> ===>  Found saved configuration for mrmonitor-1.1
> I need to understand below things which is not explained in hand book.
> 1. Detailed steps for creating new port
This is what you need:
> 2. Sample example for creating new port which nowhere available in the web
The link above provides a simple sample.
> 3. I have 10 files in a directory, I just need to create a package out of
> that and provide the package to customers they can install it.
You can't do that - you need to make the distribution into a tarball
that can be downloaded from a 'master site'
> 4. I do not have to build anything I just need to create the port for
> binaries.

Yes, understood, do you have a makefile that will do this for you across
other platforms?
> I have searched enough in the web nowhere I found the answer...
> I think providing the files in tar format and script to deploy the files
> will be more easier than this complicated port and packages.

Well this is what the makefile will usually do for you...  (the Makefile
can be considered a script or you can just get it to run your script).

Read the porters handbook - it's all there unless you are trying to get
it to help you create the installation script that is in the tarball -
which is not - it will tell you how to work with FreeBSD once you have a
working installation.
> Porters Handbook is here:



Michelle Sullivan

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