mail/courier build failures on newer FreeBSD versions

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Mon May 26 15:47:39 UTC 2014


> >>> Do you also plan to upgrade to 0.73. ? With 0.65 we're badly behind
> >>> the times, aren't we ?
> > 
> >> Yes, this upgrade is long due, but it has some issues too.
> > 
> > What issues does 0.73.1 have ? Is there a list somewhere ?
> > 
> > Frankly, courier looses more and more marketshare, as can be seen on
> > 
> >

> > Which features are available on courier which are not provided
> > by other MTAs ?

> Kurt, we're not asking porters to justify why a particular software is
> ported.

I'm sorry if my mail was seen as too inquisitorial. I'm asking because
I manage quite a few mailservers and it's becoming more and more
like telco-equipment: lots of features which make them very
difficult to compare. Like DANE, which currently seems to be
a postfix-exclusive feature.

Milan provided a very good reason for courier: courier is fully integrated.
I was not aware of that.

> We also don't normally question the usefulness of a port on its
> own or based on surveys either.  So can we please stop this useless
> distraction and stop killing the porter's motivation, and instead see to
> get the necessary help furnished so the port gets back into good shape?

Sorry for that, I do not try to kill the motivation. Because
the time/change difference between the 0.65.3 and 0.73.1 is so large
(3 years, and approx. 150K diff), I'm interested in learning
why it's not easy to update.

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