Is staging a port really this simple?

Perry Hutchison perryh at
Sun May 25 05:12:53 UTC 2014

Some months ago, Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at> wrote:

> ... if you need any help staging your ports I can provide reviews.

I have a couple of ports that need staging support added, and I've
finally managed to find time to look into it.  Having read such
documentation as I could easily find using Google, and looked at
the ports, I am feeling as if I must have overlooked something
-- because the only changes that seem to be needed are to insert
${STAGEDIR} into a few lines in the Makefiles.

Granted these are not complex ports, but if it really is this easy
I have to wonder what all the uproar has been about :)

What-all have I missed?

--- misc/gtkfind/Makefile
+++ misc/gtkfind/Makefile-staged
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 	${REINPLACE_CMD} -e "s,-O2,${CFLAGS}," ${WRKSRC}/configure ${WRKSRC}/
-	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} ${WRKSRC}/gtkfind ${PREFIX}/bin
-	${INSTALL_MAN} ${WRKSRC}/gtkfind.1 ${MANPREFIX}/man/man1
+	${INSTALL_MAN} ${WRKSRC}/gtkfind.1 ${STAGEDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man/man1
 .include <>
--- sysutils/diskcheckd/Makefile
+++ sysutils/diskcheckd/Makefile-staged
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
 MAKEFILE=	/usr/share/mk/
 MAKE_ARGS=	PROG=diskcheckd MAN8=${MAN8}
-NO_STAGE=	yes
 .for f in diskcheckd.c diskcheckd.8
@@ -30,13 +29,14 @@
 	@${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local/etc/diskcheckd.conf|${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf|g' ${WRKSRC}/diskcheckd.8
-	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} ${WRKSRC}/diskcheckd ${PREFIX}/sbin
-	${INSTALL_DATA}	${FILESDIR}/diskcheckd.conf ${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf.sample
-	${INSTALL_MAN} ${WRKSRC}/diskcheckd.8 ${MAN8PREFIX}/man/man8
+	${INSTALL_DATA}	${FILESDIR}/diskcheckd.conf \
+			${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf.sample
+	${INSTALL_MAN} ${WRKSRC}/diskcheckd.8 ${STAGEDIR}${MAN8PREFIX}/man/man8
-	@[ -f ${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf ] \
-		|| ${CP} -p ${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf.sample \
-			${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf
+	@[ -f ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf ] \
+		|| ${CP} -p ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf.sample \
+			${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/etc/diskcheckd.conf
 .include <>

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