port maintainership of alpine?

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Sat May 24 21:18:42 UTC 2014

Marco Beishuizen wrote:
> On Sat, 24 May 2014, the wise Kurt Jaeger wrote:
>>>> I guess (very rough guess, I know) you need between 40 to 80 hours (!)
>>>> to dig deep enough to get it done. You need to learn make.
>>> Hmm I think it would be best then to look into make first.
>> If Michelle is doing the port, she will be much faster, from what
>> I can see 8-)
> Yeah, she probably will :)

Talking behind my back now? :P

Ok, initial patch done (not staged atm) however I just realised I cannot
test it... it will only work on 10.x (by default).. will need to add the
dependancy of ports/security/openssl for anything prior.. and I can't
test that (all my build servers are required to use openssl 0.9.x atm :/ )

I'll see what I can do about bringing up a new VM, for 10.x (and/or 9.x
+ security/openssl) but that's not going to happen tonight... sorry...

>> But if you want to start digging into this in general, I can only
>> encourage
>> you to learn this.
> I'll definitely do this. Looking at the manpage of make as we speak.

manpage? .. hmm.. make manpage may or may not help without knowledge of
C and what the makefile is actually doing you're not going to get any
useful info there...  (sorry - but this port requires patches - which I
have converted the original to newer/individual format (separate in
files/*) and that's not easy unless you know what you are doing in C.)

I'll continue along as far as I can and if it's only testing on a
compatible version of the OS, I'll send a patch for you to try (though
if it doesn't patch immediately you will have issues.)


Michelle Sullivan

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