splitting subversion port?

Vick Khera vivek at khera.org
Thu May 22 18:18:11 UTC 2014

I was wondering if you would be open to peeling off the mod_dav_svn
from being an option in the subversion port to being its own port that
depends on this one, or making a sub-port that installs subversion
with it enabled under a different package name.

The reason I have is that I am trying to switch over to pkgng and
using pre-built packages for everything.  I can't do this for
subversion as I need the dav module on one server, but not on any
other machine I run. Also, I use another apache module,
www/mod_authnz_crowd, which depends on a subversion built with
mod_dav_svn. As it stands, I cannot make a package for that easily.

There is precedent for splitting the apache module out, as PHP5 has
recently done just that.

By splitting the module out into its own port, all of this would be
possible, and it would avoid having to install the module-enabled
package on all of my servers which would pull down apache, as well,
which I do not need on my compute nodes.

Another way of accomplishing the goal would be to make a sub-port
similar to things like emacs-nox11 and ImageMagick-nox11 that install
their base ports with specific options. There could be a
subversion-apache port that builds the subversion port with the apache
module and dependencies.

Anyhow, I'm willing to try to do the work, but I wanted to know if
you're agreeable, and which way you'd prefer to do it. Obviously the
sub-port would be easier. I have a feeling the split port may not work
out because the SVNUSER gets changed if the dav module is enabled.

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