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Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Thu May 22 01:13:28 UTC 2014

Bob Eager wrote:
> On Wed, 21 May 2014 14:58:32 -0700
> Patrick Powell <papowell at> wrote:
>> Mathias,  I think that brief description of how you did this would be 
>> VERY useful to some of us looking at this problem and not knowing
>> where to start.  Perhaps an:  'this is the way it was' and a 'this is
>> the way it should be' document would be good.  Or even a list of
>> links to 'helpful hints' documents.
> Looking at already-done ports is good.
> Someone has kindly done one of mine for me so I did a diff on that.
> Pretty simple example but gives you the idea.
> FWIW, the port in question is textproc/ml1

Just as a comment to this - I did my first the other day and most of my
time spent trying to decipher the messages of how to make them 'go away'

First was the fact I couldn't seem to find any documentation on
pkg-plist - what it is, what should be in it etc...

Second was the 'Orphaned' vs 'Missing' messages - especially as I had
followed the docs and couldn't (for 12 hours) find the fact that putting
in "PORTDOCS" settings you remove the corresponding entries in the
pkg-plist file...  That all said - I don't know how one would make it
easier to 'get' as most of the docs are very explicit.. with the
exception of documenting pkg-plist (or making it googleable.)

my $0.02.. ;-)

Michelle Sullivan

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