does not detect non-GUI, non-X11 options

Vick Khera vivek at
Wed May 21 18:25:55 UTC 2014

All of my freebsd boxes are headless, and I build all ports without
X11. To accomplish this, I specify in make.conf the following:


I have to specify both WITHOUT_X11 and OPTIONS_UNSET since I have
found some ports to not honor OPTIONS_UNSET yet.

So now I'm moving from individually building ports on each server to
using poudriere and pkgng to build packages customized for my

This is where I run into problems...

One of the packages I need to build is textproc/markdown-mode.el. This
port specifies USE_EMACS in the Makefile. When I build this port on a
system which has emacs-nox11 installed, all is fine. WhenI try to
build this port inside poudriere, it wants to build emacs24 as a
dependency. Thus, the package for markdown-mode.el will install emacs
instead of using emacs-nox11.

Is there some way to convince markdown-mode.el to depend on
emacs-nox11 instead when building the packages via poudriere? I don't
even see how to explicitly state the dependency outside of poudriere.


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