Staging issue with staging of net-im/libpurple (libtool?)

Tijl Coosemans tijl at
Tue May 20 20:13:50 UTC 2014

On Tue, 20 May 2014 08:52:46 -0700 Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Removed the FIND and re-built. After the build I looked in
> stage/usr/local/lib and the .so.0 files are still present! I then installed
> with no errors. I'll admit that I don't understand what is happening or why
> the touch of the files would break things, but it seems to be fixed, now.

The touch didn't always give all files the same timestamp so sometimes
make thought the configure script was out of date and regenerated it
erasing any patches that had been applied to it.

> Thanks, Tijl. (Some day I'd like to know how "Tijl" is pronounced.)

It's difficult to explain in English.  My name is actually Tijl (3 letters)
with ij being some sort of vowel.  There's a fairly long article about it
on wikipedia:
It sounds like this:
Then just add t and l :)

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