Done with this port

Matthias Andree mandree at
Tue May 20 18:53:41 UTC 2014

Am 20.05.2014 18:49, schrieb Paul Schmehl:
> I'm giving up x11-toolkits/iwidgets.  Someone else can wrestle this
> thing into compliance with STAGE.  I've beaten my head against that damn
> wall long enough.  If no one takes it, it dies in June.  Staging may
> kill a lot of ports.  I'm not longer the maintainer for that one.


Thank you for maintaining the port thus far.

However, I have just committed a port upgrade to convert it to staging
(SVN revision 354666).

Would you be willing to continue maintaining this port with this
particular obstacle out of your way?

Please let us know ASAP, and please Cc: me on your reply.


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