FreeBSD Port: ejabberd-2.1.13 - Release updates available; 14.05, 13.12 & 13.10

Matthieu Volat mazhe at
Mon May 19 19:22:59 UTC 2014

On Mon, 19 May 2014 13:40:00 +0530
ashish at (Ashish SHUKLA) wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks to the PR ports/189812[1] filed by Joseph Benden, I'm able to update
> the net-im/ejabberd to 14.05. Following is the link to the diff, if you like
> to try it:
> url:
> sha256: ce4ed8c47734348bc4499af3d11ae2dbc53fc50f4b2041dc557dae793706b188
> There is one issue though. As, I don't use PAM option, I could not check PAM
> support. This port does not install 'epam' binary anymore (although it's
> compiled). So, if you (or someone) are using PAM support already, and can test
> if it works without that binary that'll be great.
> If you encounter any other issues, please feel free to report those to me. I
> plan to commit this by the end of this week.
> References:
> [1]
> Thanks!
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> Ashish SHUKLA      | GPG: F682 CDCC 39DC 0FEA E116  20B6 C746 CFA9 E74F A4B0
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Thanks for your work,

I use the pam module, and the server would not start without epam:
2014-05-19 21:03:50.464 [error] <0.408.0> Can't open file
"@rootdir@/lib/erlang/lib/ejabberd-14.05/priv/bin/epam": enoent

Copying the epam binary from WRKDIR, setted to root:ejabberd rwsr-x--- to /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/ejabberd-14.05/priv/bin/epam is not enough, it seems...

Matthieu Volat <mazhe at>

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