clang problems with math/octave-forge-miscellaneous

Montgomery-Smith, Stephen stephen at
Sat May 17 17:01:03 UTC 2014

I am trying to make the port math/octave-forge-miscellaneous clang
compliant.  In the file ${WRKSRC}/ is are lines like this:

  Array<octave_idx_type> bidc [maxdims], eidc [maxdims];
  ... stuff ...
          eidc[i] = eidx;

The compilation dies saying that eidc is not defined.  If I rewrite the
first line as

  Array<octave_idx_type> bidc [maxdims];
  Array<octave_idx_type> eidc [maxdims];

then it compiles just fine.

Is this a bug in the clang C++ compiler, or am I misunderstanding
something about C++?

Thanks, Stephen

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