Change port Maintained by email address

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Sat May 17 16:13:29 UTC 2014

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On 5/17/2014 17:23, joeb1 wrote:
> I am listed as the maintainer of the security/ppars port.
> The Maintained by: fbsd_user at email address is 
> incorrect.
> That email address got harvested and got targeted by spam senders, so I 
> had
> to change it.
> Would like to change the port "Maintained by:" email address from
> fbsd_user at to joeb1 at

You are aware that the maintainer address is published everywhere [1] so
the new address is going to get harvested again?


[1] starting when you emailed this message as all posts are published on
public web-based mail archive


Of course I know that.

I now have email filter that flags spam and returns postmaster message that email account is un-known.

So can a committer make this change or do I have to send a PR with a diff of the Makefile? 

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