Please commit or comment on PR ports/188930

hhh at hhh at
Sat May 17 10:26:28 UTC 2014

Hi all

I would like to ask, if someone could commit patches from ports/188930.
It's an update of games/py-mnemosyne to the newest version 2.3.  I would
also like to take the maintainership, if there are no objections.

I'm quite new to the port system and have additional questions:

1. Some of the files in games/py-mnemosyne are explicitly listed in
`pkg-plist' and some are handled by `PYDISTUTILS_AUTOPLIST' in Makefile.
Which one is better to use in the future?

2. If I understand correctly the `py-' prefix in port's name means that
it is a Python library.  Since games/py-mnemosyne is a standalone
program, it should rather be called games/mnemosyne.  What's the best
strategy to rename the port?

Best regards

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