lang/gcc and tmpfs no space let on device

David Wolfskill david at
Fri May 16 13:11:24 UTC 2014

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 02:43:09PM +0200, Marko Cupa?? wrote:
> ...
> I am using 10.0-RELEASE-p3 amd64, and am trying to build lang/gcc as a
> dependency for emulators/virtualbox-ose. Building fails giving the
> following messages:
> jc1: fatal error: error writing to /tmp/ccwgXZ8m.s: No space left on
> device compilation terminated.
> ...
> I am using 128mb tmpfs file system mounted at /tmp:
> tmpfs   /tmp   tmpfs   rw,size=128m,mode=1777   0 0
> Does anyone know how big /tmp do I need to have in order to compile
> lang/gcc successfully?
> ...

I don't know the minimum, but:
* I've been using 2G tmpfs for some time without issue.
* The above error messages may be misleading: it is *possible* that
  the actual complaint is not lack of space, but lack of available
  inodes -- you can't tell from the message alone.  "df -i /tmp" is
  likely to be helpful in diagosing what is actually the problem.

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