Committer to address 2 CVE's against strongswan

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Thu May 15 11:22:36 UTC 2014


> Thank-you for taking the time to look into this.  The configuration used
> in the final build isn't standard, and comprises:
>      CURL=on: Enable CURL to fetch CRL/OCSP
>      EAPRADIUS=on: Enable EAP Radius proxy authentication
>      IKEv1=on: Enable IKEv1 support
>      XAUTH=on: Enable XAuth password verification

strongswan has many options and covering all those is not easy
(and not part of my build-testing it 8-) The issue would be
feature-testing it, but I hope I'm into gardening as a new
career when this happens 8-)

> The environment is 9.2Stable i386 and amd64 as of 5th May.  Built
> without both pkg_ng and poudriere. 
> The entire tree was rebuilt on May 10 (all ports deleted, rebuilt and
> reinstalled on two build and four test machines).  Strongswan and
> libexecinfo have been rebuilt a few times since then as I've added
> --enable-padlock to the build.

I'm not sure I'm following you here. The patch from the maintainer
in PR 189132 does probably not contain your --enable-padlock change,
right ?

Would you mind to submit a seperate PR with the change ?

> So its disappointing that
> you've come across these errors, but does raise the prospect that
> migrating to next gen tools might enhance quality control - a benefit.

Yes, and the pkg-plist issue was easy to fix 8-)

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