[x11-fonts/sgifonts] Dynamic plist and double pkg-message

A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven freebsd at skysmurf.nl
Wed May 14 18:44:20 UTC 2014

Matthew Seaman wrote:

>> -1-
> Dynamic plist generation is fine.

Okay, thanks.

>> -2-

>> When testing whether it works with "portmaster -g" I noticed that
>> pkg-message is being displayed twice. Is this normal behaviour, or did I
>> do something wrong? Come to think of it, it appears to be happening with
>> lots of ports nowadays.
> That's a symptom of incomplete staging conversion.  Generally you want
> to get rid of any post-install actions in the ports Makefile, and just
> use the pkg-install / pkg-message mechanisms.  Otherwise, as you see,
> they get done twice.

I feel like I'm almost there - and Portlint seems to agree :-) But I'm
still getting the double pkg-message.

I've placed the new Makefile (and files/pkg-message.in, because the
current Makefile composes pkg-message manually using ${ECHO_CMD}) here:
Perhaps somebody else can see what I'm overlooking.


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