r353029 broke net-mgmt/zabbix2*-server options

Pavel Timofeev timp87 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 07:42:16 UTC 2014

After this commit to regular ports tree both zabbix (2.0 and 2.2)
ports was messed.
For example:
net-mgmt/zabbix22-server # make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
     CURL=on: Support for web monitoring
     FPING=on: Build/install fping for ping checks
     IPMI=off: Support for IPMI checks
     IPV6=on: IPv6 protocol support
     JABBER=on: Support for Jabber media type
     JAVAGW=off: Support for Java gateway
     LDAP=off: Support for LDAP server checks
     LIBXML2=off: Support for libxml2 (required by monitoring VMware)
     NMAP=off: Build/install nmap for o/s detection
     SSH=off: Support for SSH-based checks
====> Options available for the single DB: you have to select exactly
one of them
     MYSQL=on: MySQL database support
     PGSQL=off: PostgreSQL database support
     SQLITE=off: SQLite database support
     ORACLE=off: Oracle database support
     ODBC=off: Support for database checks via ODBC
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

ODBC shouldn't be in DB section. See in 2014Q2 - that's how it has to
look. Please, fix it

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