FreeBSD Port: ejabberd-2.1.13 - Release updates available; 14.05, 13.12 & 13.10

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at
Wed May 14 01:58:40 UTC 2014

On Wed, 14 May 2014 02:09:57 +0100, Gio <gio at> said:
> Dear ashish,

Hi Gio,

> I would like to bring to your attention that the ejabberd-2.1.13 port
> should be
> updated to the latest release: ejabberd Community 14.05 dated 13 May 2014.

I know about these updates, and have tried updating port to 13.x release, but
not much success.

ejabberd project has switched to using git clones of dependencies, instead of
bundling them with the snapshot, which was not at all port friendly. As a
workaround, I packaged latest snapshot of all dependencies, but rebar stuff
needs to be workaround-ed, which I could not figure out last time I looked at
it. I'll look at it again in upcoming days.

I think other operating systems are also stuck at 2.1.13 for the same reason.

If you need to use the latest version, then I propose building/installing
yourself using their instructions.

> Prior to the current ejabberd 14.05 release there was also a 13.12 release
> dated 16 December 2013 and a 13.10 release dated 09 October 2013.

> Support for ejabberd 2.1.x has been discontinued.
> See:

> If there is anything I can do to help with updating the port please let
> me know.

Anyways, if you've already prepared an update for the port, then I'll be happy
to look at it.

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