Patch wanted: VmRSS, VmSize and VmStk in /proc/pid/status

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Mon May 12 21:35:57 UTC 2014


In the new versions of french/aster, there is this piece of Linux code:

    static char filename[80];
    static char sbuf[1024];
    char* S;
    int fd, num_read;
    long lmem;
    pid_t numpro;

    pid_t getpid(void);

    numpro = getpid();

    sprintf(filename, "/proc/%ld/status", (long)numpro);
    fd = open(filename, O_RDONLY, 0);
    if (fd==-1) return -1;
    num_read=read(fd,sbuf,(sizeof sbuf)-1);

    val[0] = (INTEGER)atoi(S);

    val[1] = (INTEGER)atoi(S);

    if ( strstr(sbuf,"VmPeak:") != NULL ) {
        val[2] = atoi(S);
    } else {
        val[2] = -1 ;

    val[3] = (INTEGER)atoi(S);

    lmem = atoi(S);
    return lmem ;

Of course, it does'nt work on FreeBSD, because our status has a
different structure.

As a quick & dirty work-around, I patched it to replace /proc by
/compat/linux/proc and it works. Unfortunately, this is not a good
solution, because this port is no more packageable (this piece of code
is run at the end of the build).

It's why I'm looking for help here: does somebody knows how the
corresponding values of these Vm... can be found in FreeBSD?

Th. Thomas.

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