astro/wcslib fails to install

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Thu May 8 15:33:54 UTC 2014


On 05/08/2014 13:56, Shin-ya Murakami wrote:
> Please try with the attached patch.
> I had successfully installed HPXcvt with this patch.

I can confirm that r353239 only fixes the segfaults during the build but
does not give bin/HPXcvt in staging, which still makes the install fail.

Since the first patch does not make too much sense, removing all files
that actually link from the package with the default
option CFITSIO turned on, I tried the one by Shin-ya Murakami. The port
builds and installs and bin/HPXcvt and bin/wcsware are installed linking as intended.

Jan Henrik

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