pgtune: doesn't check for python

pathiaki2 pathiaki2 at
Wed May 7 13:04:29 UTC 2014

On 05/07/2014 08:46, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> pathiaki2 <pathiaki2 at> writes:
>> /usr/ports/databases/pgtune....
>> It doesn't check to see if python is installed.  Python is required to
>> run this.
> That's strange. pgtune defines USE_PYTHON, which adds python to both the
> build and run dependencies. It *should* work correctly...
Bizarre.  I installed it and it didn't.

When I tried to run it, it stated: "Program not found".

So, I checked the top of the pgtune 'executable' and found it referenced 
Python.  So, I installed python and it ran just fine. *shrug*

I'm on 10.0 and a recent portsnap.  I was doing this in a jail.


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