Persistent problems building nepomuk

Pete Carah pete at
Sun May 4 18:09:09 UTC 2014

For more than 5 years now, the dependency tree surrounding nepomuk
(soprano, redland, raptor, rasqal, etc) has been missing.  I can't get
nepomuk-core to compile (freebsd 10.0, ports tree fetched last week)
- it doesn't spot the virtuoso backend of soprano, though I have
recompiled ALL of the requirements to soprano, and I can see the
virtuoso backend compile/link.  I do note the "install
databases/virtuoso to enable its functionality" message even though
virtuoso was already installed. 

It would be nice if kde4 would compile with just "cd x11/kde4 ; make ;
make install" but that would require
the dependency tree for the above to be correct in the port makefiles. 
This has been a problem since at least the days of kde 4.5, 5 or more
years now.  I'd hope it would be fixed now, or at least there should
be a script shipped with the system somewhere that could compile these
in the right order (if that order exists?).

portupgrade on a working (from binaries) tree fails too...
This has been true with both pkg and pkgng (note the 5 years or more

-- Pete

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