No cvsup for i386 now? (ezm3 build error, modula3 is only for amd64)

Andrey Chernov ache at
Fri May 2 09:57:52 UTC 2014

On 01.05.2014 21:28, Peter Wemm wrote:
> On Thursday 01 May 2014 06:30:57 Andrey Chernov wrote:
>> It seems cvsup is steel needed for FreeBSD www and mail-archive
>> mirroring, but can't be build on stable-10 i386 due to ezm3 build error
>> (and lang/modula3 is only for amd64):
> With my clusteradm hat on, we would prefer that you NOT use cvsup for this 
> mirroring.
> Please look at the module list on rsync://
> The cvsup system fetches directly from here.  If you are using cvsup, you are 
> getting second hand information.
> To be sure of clarity, this is the data flow:
> [source data] ---rsync---> [bit0.ysv] ---rsync---> [cvsup-builder] ---cvsup---
>> [cvsup-master] --> you
> You can skip a whole bunch of indirection by bypassing cvsup.

Thanx for directions, I switch to rsync now.
I fix ezm3 i386 port yesterday as side effect of investigation.


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