Thunderbird 24.5.0 - Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Dr. Peter Voigt pvoigt at
Thu May 1 22:45:15 UTC 2014

I am running 10.0-RELEASE and I have just successfully built
Thunderbird 24.5.0 from ports. Thunderbird start just fine but as soon
as I start to create an email account it crashes with message
"Segmentation fault (core dumped)".

I have observed the same behavior with Thunderbird 24.4.0 and wrote
PR188019 which is still open:

I have not read about similar experiences of others in the list or the
forums with Thunderbird 24.4/24.5. Therefore I am wondering, if there
might be something special with my configuration causing the
segmentation fault:

# make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
thunderbird-24.5.0: DBUS=on: D-Bus IPC system support
     DEBUG=off: Build with debugging support
     ENIGMAIL=on: Enigmail extension
     GCONF=off: GConf configuration backend support
     GIO=on: GIO for file I/O
     GNOMEUI=off: libgnomeui support module
     GNOMEVFS2=off: GnomeVFS2 (virtual file system) support
     GSTREAMER=off: Multimedia support via GStreamer
     LIBPROXY=off: Proxy support via libproxy
     LIGHTNING=on: Calendar extension
     LOGGING=on: Additional log messages
     OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS=on: Use extra compiler optimizations
     PGO=off: Use Profile-Guided Optimization
     PROFILE=off: Build with profiling support
     TEST=off: Build and/or run tests
====> Options available for the multi AUDIO: you have to choose at
least one of them ALSA=on: ALSA audio architecture support
     PULSEAUDIO=off: PulseAudio sound server support
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

As Thunderbird is currently unusable for me I do appreciate any hints
on it.


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