reason 23 why we've moved to linux

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Mar 23 00:40:41 UTC 2014

> strange. Whenever I come in touch with Linux, I have the feeling that
> the people better would have kept Windows on their machine.

the first time i logged on to a linux system, i said `ls`, it came out
in color, and i walked away.

i have been a freebsd lover for a couple of decades, and 4.3 before
that.  but in the last couple of years it has become really painful.
and .bashrc has helped me not have broken fingers on linux, and the
bottom line is a *lot* less pain.

at least once a month, i have to do port security updates on over a
dozen freebsd systems.  it takes most of a day if i am lucky.

the linux systems update automagically and send me email telling me
what they did.

i value my time.

if i did not value freebsd, i would just walk away saying nothing.  but
the community seems to be in some sort of fantasy that things are OK and
nirvana is just around the corner.  linux has matured, believe it or
not.  freebsd, ports in particular, has rotted.  and folk are voting
with their feet.


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