OpenLDAP Server 2.4.39 upgrade loses syslog

John Marshall john.marshall at
Thu Mar 20 22:48:00 UTC 2014

I just upgraded the net/openldapserver port (r348655) and discovered
that the server did not open a syslog socket, so no logging.  I checked
the configure output and confirmed that --enable-syslog was correctly
auto-detecting syslog.

I traced this behaviour to the new DEBUG Makefile option introduced in
r348654.  The new DEBUG option is not included in OPTIONS_DEFAULT, so it
is disabled by default for upgrades.  Enabling the DEBUG option restores
the syslog functionality.  I suggest that DEBUG should be added to
OPTIONS_DEFAULT to retain existing syslog functionality by default.

I plan to submit a PR later today.

Thank you Xin LI for maintaining this port!


John Marshall
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